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Kids' Netball Drills Playing netball is a great way for kids to stay fit and teaches kids to work together as a team. The very best way to help kids to master all of the netball basics is by regularly running netball drills that are designed for young players.

On this page we’ve put together a great list of netball drills for children that are not only super effective at teaching kids how to pass , defend , attack and everything else but are also a tonne of fun to do and will have kids constantly looking forward to their next netball practice!

Warm Up Drill

It’s always important that kids warm up before playing netball to get their body limber and their blood circulating. A basic but effective drill for doing this is to have the kids do a few laps around the oval at a jogging pace followed by some stretches including lunges, arm swings, torso twists, squats and hamstring walks.

Netball Tag

Netball tag is a fun netball game that will help to improve kids focus and maneuverability whilst on the court. Start by dividing the kids up into two teams and then give the ball to one of the teams.

The team with the ball is ‘tagged’ and must attempt to ‘tag’ the players on the other team by touching them with the netball. The game finishes when all of the players from the other team have been ‘tagged’ and the last player remaining is declared the winner.

Pass and Catch

This simple but extremely effective netball drill for kids will help children to develop their accuracy and power when throwing the ball.

To perform the pass and catch simply pair up all of the players and have them pass and catch the ball between them and their partner until a predetermined number of passes and catches has been reached.

King Ball

Here’s a fun netball training drill that kids go nuts over. Divide the kids into two separate teams and then assign one player from each team to be the ‘King’. The King from each team must go and stand on their bench.

Each team must then try to get all of their team’s players to become kings and standing on their teams bench. Whoever does this first wins the game. Players can become a King by making a successful pass to their team’s King without the King falling off of the bench whilst also abiding by the rules of netball at all time.

An interesting variation on King ball is to make it so that each player is only allowed to pass to their King after completing a certain number of passes beforehand.