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Netball Fitness Drills Netball can be a pretty physically demanding sport so it’s important that players exercise regularly and try to keep up a fitness routine so that they can play well on the court. And to help players to improve their overall fitness we’ve created a collection of simple but extremely effective netball fitness drills below that when performed often will ensure that players are more than ready to face any opponents on the netball court!

Reaction Drill

This netball fitness drill works especially well with a large group but can also work with a smaller group of players.

To start the drill all players must space out in one goal third standing around two metres away from each other in all directions and all facing towards the coach who must stand in the centre circle with the ball. Then on the coaches signal players must “fast feet” on the spot whilst watching the ball and as the coach moves the ball around players must react and move their arms in the same direction of the ball.

Shuttle Running

To perform this drill have all players line up at one of the base line corners. Players must then one by one with a thirty second space in between of each player perform the following routine:

First they must run diagonally to the first centre third transverse line corner whilst they kick their feet up to their behind. Next they must bend from the knees and jump into the air whilst raising their arms above their head in a full stretch and repeat this process a total of five times. Then players must side step across the transverse line all the way to the other side of the court and face the base line that they began at. Once at the corner players must then perform ten star jumps followed by running with their knees up in front at a ninety degree angle all the way to the diagonal corner. Next they must perform another five jumps. Then they must side step across the transverse line to the other side of the court and face the opposite side to before. Then once at the corner they should stand about feet should width apart with their arms out to the side and proceed to turn their upper body from side to side making sure to twist from the waist and hips and perform this ten times at a slow pace. Then players must slowly shuffle run all the way to the last diagonal corner using light and little feet and once at the corner finally perform a sprint along the base line and down the side line all the way back to the beginning.

Perform this drill at least two times.

Zig Zagging

Here’s another simple but effective netball fitness drill.

It’s performed by having players line up at the bottom corner of a court with the player at the front of the line being designated the leader who the rest of the players must follower. There should be around a one to two metre gap between each player.

The leader must then sprint along the baseline and then run with their knees up diagonally to the first thirst line. They then kick their ankles back along that line and sidestep towards the second third corner. They then jog backwards along that line and then jog diagonally to the back corner. Next they dodge along the baseline and then finally sprint at a three quarter pace diagonally all the way back to their original starting spot.

Then just repeat the drill until players are worn out.