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Netball Footwork Drills

Since there is no dribbling and many other strict rules regulating how a ball can be moved down the court in netball, efficient footwork is an important and fundamental requirement for scoring and avoiding penalties.

However, since there is a three second limit on possession, footwork most be quick and precise, which means that practicing a multitude of different drills is an important part of mastering the game. In order to do just that a list of some of the most effective netball footwork drills and exercises are included to bring out the best in every player.


Two players, three cones and a ball will be needed to complete this drill. Set each cone about 10 feet apart and have the player who plans to go first stand at the center cone. The player who is passing should stand approximately 15 feet away and start by passing the ball toward the right cone. While running to catch the ball, the player receiving should practice landing on the outside foot. By moving back more than 15 feet you can increase the difficulty.


Two or more players face one another approximately 10 feet apart. One player begins doing various foot movements like sliding, jumping, jogging or hopping using different patterns and the opposite player tries to copy and predict the pattern. Switch jobs after several minutes of practice and make sure every player gets the opportunity to try.


Two or more players can line up on the opposite side of the court from their designated cones. As a whistle is blown and a timer is started, each player sprints to their cone, slides around to the side designated and sprints back to the starting point. Repeat for the right and left side and then see if the players can beat their time.

Also, to increase difficulty, more cones can be added. You can add sliding from one cone to the other or running around them in a figure 8 before the player begins sprinting back to their original position.


This drill really emphasizes balance and agility. After dividing players into two lines where each player stands approximately 30 feet from one another, the player in the front will receive the ball while running toward the opposite line. When the receiver catches the ball and lands on one foot he or she yells “ice” as soon as the trailing foot lands on the ground the player must yell “cream” and pass the ball to the other group. The drill continues until each player has had an opportunity to participate.


While two feeders stand approximately 15 feet apart on corners of the court, the worker received the ball and begins running to the left and passing to the feeder that is diagonal from their position. As the worker passes to the diagonal feeder they should be using their outside foot to push off before receiving the ball back, sprinting to the other corner and passing to the other feeder.