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Fun Netball Drills

Practicing to be the best netball player you can be doesn’t always have to mean completing the same lackluster drills over and over again. Some of the most fun netball drills can also be the most helpful in creating team camaraderie, mastering skills and learning new ones.

Inject some fun into a sport that can sometimes get a little too serious by spice up your normal routine and including one or more of these fun netball drills and exercises.


Start this game by creating two parallel lines with players. The two players in the front should be holding a ball and standing facing the passer that is far enough away that long passes are required. To begin, the passer throws the ball to the player in the front. She then throws the ball back to the passer and “bobs” down. Each player in line follows suit until the last person receives the ball. Instead of throwing the ball back to the passer, she runs with the ball and exchanges spots. The passer than runs to the front of the line, and the rest of the team stands up and starts the cycle again. When the original passer runs back to her starting place, the game is over and the team yells, “finished”. The ball must be caught!

Chase the tail

In a line formation, three players link by holding on to one another’s waists. Each teammate that isn’t in line, tries to tag the last player in the snake formation while the two players in the front try to defend them .

Hunting Tag

Just as the title suggests, this is a “hunting” game that operates much like tag. By dividing the group into two teams, pick a group that will be the prey and one that that will be the hunters. The hunters will begin with the ball, and seek the members of the other team. A “prey” team member can only be captured by a hunter who has the ball. Play the game under normal netball rules.

Hunting – Group

Somewhat similar to Chase the Tail and Hunting Tag, Hunting-Group takes on characteristics of both. While using one or two thirds of the court, the person who is “it” attempts to tag other players. After being tagged the players links hand with the hunter while try to tag other players. Each player links hands as they’re tagged until there is only one player remaining.

Look out

With half of the players in the center third and half in the goal third, give both team the same amount of balls (four to six). Each member has to throw the ball into their opponent’s third while trying to also snatch the balls that are coming from their opponents. Bounce passes are not allowed.

River Dance

This game is played with two players. While holding one another by the shirt, arms or shoulders they attempt to tag the other’s feet with theirs. You can pair up all team members and the winners match up and compete against each other.