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Netball Drills For Juniors

Now that you’ve mastered all the beginning, basic skills of netball it’s time to take your training and drills to the next level.

The below list of fun and effective netball drills for juniors that were composed with the junior level trainer in mind. Use these five netball drills and exercises to kick your training into high gear. Remember practice makes perfect!

Conditioning: Follow The Leader

It’s important to first get your legs warmed up because they take the brunt of the beating in netball. Players should line up in two parallel lines at the end of the court, approximately 5 feet from one another. The leader then starts with their choice of leg warm up, and can switch it up at each third of the court if desired. Once they’ve gotten to the end of the court, they jog back and the whole group repeats. After that round has finished, the second person in line becomes the leader, and so on until everyone has had an opportunity to go, and everyone’s legs are warm.

Passing: Fast Hands

To warm up a player’s hands and body, as well as get them accustomed to quick reaction times, attempt the fast hands drill.

Two players and one ball will be needed to complete this exercise. Standing approximately 10-12 feet away from one another, one player should be holding the ball, and the other’s hands should be at their sides. The player with the ball will then pass it (chest pass) to the players whose hands are down. Only once the pass is in process can the player without the ball move their hands to catch it.

Defense: Monkey In The Middle

Seven or more players are needed for this drill. Begin by form a circle that has two of the teammates in the middle. The players who are in the circle must pass the ball to one another using different techniques while calling out the recipient’s name. If the ball is intercepted, the person who tossed it should trade places with one of the players in the center.

Shooting: Pass A Defender

To practice this shooting exercise two players, one ball and a pole will be needed. One player will work as the defender and the other will be the shooter. The shooter’s goal is overcome the arms of the defender by making the shot, and it can be repeated until 10 shots are made. This is the perfect drill for critiquing shooting technique.

Footwork: Jailbreak

Not only does this drill for juniors encourage fast footwork, but it also implements defensive actions. Create two circles of players within a 30-foot by 30-foot square designated by cones. Once in the circles, have the group in the inside circle run clockwise and the outside circle run counter clockwise. A coach or another player should yell “jailbreak” and the members who compose the inside circle must try and escape the square. Points are accumulated as members escape. To make this drill more difficult, time how long each team takes to escape.