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Netball Coaching Drills For netball coaches drills can be a lifesaver and are a great way to teach players a whole variety of skills that are crucial in the game of netball. Unfortunately finding great netball coaching drills out there can be tough but don’t worry because we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best netball drills on this page!

Number Netball

Here’s a fun drill that will help players with their offensive skills. Start by dividing up the players into two groups and give each player in each group a sequential number (so 1, 2, 3 and so on).

One group become the offenders and a ball should be given to the player numbered 1. That player should then pass to player 2 who then passes to player 3 and so on.

The other group become the defenders and they must try to get the ball off of the other team as they are passing from one another. If they get the ball successfully they then become the offensive team and the other group becomes the defensive team.

Triangle Defense

Here’s a great netball coaching drill that helps players to develop their defense skills . It requires one ball and four players.

To set up for the drill position three of the players in a triangle each standing about three meters apart and give a ball to one of the players.

The fourth player becomes the defender and must stand opposite the player with the ball. The defender should be standing between the other two players and slightly in front of them.

The player with the ball must then make a chest pass to either of the other two players making up the triangle and the defender must try to intercept the ball. Once the defender has successfully intercepted four balls the positions are rotated and the drill is repeated.

The 4 Corner Pass

This drill is designed to help players with their passing abilities and requires five players to be performed.

Four players must create a square with one player standing at each corner of the square. The fifth player becomes the attacker and then stands in the middle of the square with a ball.

The attacker must then drive, cut and use the space around the square until they have passed and received from each of the other four players twice but they may not pass to the same player twice in a row.

Once completed rotate the positions and repeat the drill.