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Netball Passing Drills Passing is an essential skill that all netball players need to practice and master. Without the ability to pass it’s impossible for a netball team to work together effectively. The following netball passing drills are all created to help netball players and teams to learn proper and accurate passing technique.

Dizzy Passing

To perform this drill all players must form a circle with a passer positioned in the center. A ball should be given to the passer in the center of the circle and one of the players forming the circle.

The passer in the middle then passes to the player to the right of the player holding the other ball and at the same time the other player with the ball should pass their ball to the passer in the middle.

This continues on until the balls have gone through two full rotations of the circle after which the passer in the middle is switched for another player.

The 4 Corner Pass

This netball passing requires four players to form a square with one player standing at each corner of the square. A fifth attacking player is then positioned in the middle of the square with a ball.

The attacking player must then drive, cut and use the area inside of the square until they’ve passed and received from each corner player two times. The attacking player may not pass to the same player twice in a row.

Fast Hands

This passing drill is designed to get players used to making quick passes and helps to improve their reaction time.

Pair up players and give a ball to one player from each pair. Have the other player standing a few yards away from them with their hands down by their sides and facing their partner. The player with must then pass the ball to the second player and as soon as it’s being passed the second player must quickly bring up their hands and catch the ball.

The roles are then switched and the ball is passed back and this continues on for several rounds.

See Saw

This drill involves three players and one ball. It’s performed by positioning two players t the horizontal points of an imaginary T. At the bottom of the imaginary T stands the passer.

The passer must then pass to the muddle of the T where one of the other players must drive in for the ball and pass it back. They then drive back to their original spot.

The player at the bottom of the T then passes back and this time the other player drives in and pass the ball back to the player at the bottom.

The drill is then repeated several times before rotating positions.