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Netball Drills For Beginners

There are many elements to netball , and being a good player means learning new skills and critiquing them. Luckily, there are netball drills for beginners for every aspect of the sport from shooting to conditioning, and when you’re starting from the bottom, learning the basics of each aspect of the game is essential.

Below is a list of rudimentary netball drills for beginners to master before moving on to the harder techniques that take a little more grasp of the game’s fundamentals.

Shooting: BEEF

Learning to shoot for beginners can be pretty challenge, but there is an acronym, BEEF, that is designed to make the process a bit easier. Once the words and technique are mastered, add a ball!

B For balance: Balance comes from strong feet that are approximately shoulder width apart and point toward your goal.

E For Eyes: Some beginners imagine that something is floating just above the ring and aim for that, thus, allowing the ball to fall through the net.

E For Elbow: With elbows facing the ring, make sure the arms are extending close to the ear. Elbows should maintain this same position when the arms bend backward before releasing the ball.

F For Follow Through: A follow through is created by the flick of the wrist from the shooting hand.


Teaching the positions is probably the most difficult aspect of the sport, but you can make it fun by creating a game to teach them. Start by having players run to each spot and call out the name before they get there. Eventually, you can time each player as they run through and name each position.

Stepping: Ice Cream

At first learning not to step may be difficult for some newbies to grasp. You can make a game of this as well. The ice-cream game can be implemented in these circumstances.

Line players up at the base line, and have them run until a whistle is blown. At the whistle, have them do a low jump (as if over a puddle) and land on one foot while yelling “ice”. As they start to place their back foot down on the ground, have them yell “cream”.

Catching And Passing: Bean Bag

As to avoid accidents and injuries, begin practicing catching and passing with a small beanbag. Round up your beginners into a circle, and have each player practice tossing the bag to their left and right. Go around the circle several times with the beanbag, and then introduce the ball. This give them time to understand the different passes and how to be accurate before including a ball.

Movement Drill

With players in two parallel lines at the base line, call out movements you want them to perform. Have each team member do that movement down the court and get back into line until you’ve covered the gamete of activities. To have a little fun with this drill, give each player a turn calling out what they want their teammates to perform. This is also an excellent warm up and refresher drill.